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  • Nikon full frame DSLR's
  • Large format 5x4 studio and field cameras
  • Medium format cameras: Hasselblad, Rolleiflex, Mamiya and Bronica
  • 35mm film cameras: Pentax, Nikon and Canon
  • A variety of digital and analogue lenses for all camera formats are available
  • Location flash units and flashguns
  • Industry standard studio lighting
  • Various studio and location lighting accessories (beauty dishes, softboxes, snoots, octoboxes, ring flash unit, travel battery, etc.)
  • Tripods and heavy duty studio stands
  • Phase One digital backs and Capture One software
  • Mosaic panels for constant lighting
  • Photo mounting to gallery standards (Drytac roller, Rotatrim cutters, Keencut mount cutter)
  • 19x Durst enlargers for 35mm and 120mm format enlargers, and 7x large format Devere enlargers
  • A2 UV light for alternative and historical experimental photo processes
  • iMac computers and EPSON scanners provided with Adobe software
  • EPSON large format digital printers up to 44 inch (Gallery quality pigmented inks)


  • You will learn photographic studio techniques
  • We have 4 separate photographic studios in total
  • Two medium size studios for still life shoots and two large studios for portraiture and fashion shoots
  • Studio flash and continuous lighting shoots
  • A range of paper colour background rolls 2.72 m and 1.20 cm
  • All studios are equipped with sets of Manfrotto background roll systems
  • Studio lights operated via remote radio triggers
  • High glide railing system



Large Darkroom

  • Black and white darkroom for tray processing
  • 13 Durst enlargers for 35mm film
  • 4 Durst enlargers for medium format film
  • 4 DeVere enlargers for 5x4 film
  • Adequate for resin coated and fibre based printing

Specialist Large Format Darkroom

  • Black and white tray processing
  • 3 DeVere enlargers for 5x4 film
  • Adequate for resin coated and fibre base printing

Experimental Darkroom

  • Cyanotype, liquid emulsion and other alternative processes
  • A2 size UV lamp
  • Large sink for toning and processing
  • Adequate ventilation

Black and White Processing Rooms

  • 2 black and white film processing rooms
  • Deep tank film processing (35mm, 120mm, 5x4)
  • Daylight tank processing is also available

Finishing Areas

Wet finishing area

  • Equipped with one large film dryer
  • Print dryers
  • Final wash sinks for resin coated and fibre-base prints

Dry finishing Room

  • A1 Drytac table-top roller for print bonding
  • A1 Self-healing cutting matts
  • Rotratrim paper trimmers
  • A2 Lightboxes 
  • Keencut window cutter for print framing

Digital Suite

Mac suite / Scanning and Printing suite

  • Photography dedicated suite
  • Equipped with 16 Apple desktop computers
  • Complete Adobe suite and Office software

  • Three Epson V700 / V750 scanners
  • Ability to scan negatives, slides and reflective materials
  • Lightboxes to view negatives and slides


Students are provided with a number of prints free of charge to meet module requirements. Any printing outside of their allowance is charged at a very low cost.

Digital printing facilities on site are not for profit, meaning that they are provided at a reduced cost. Our quality complies with archival professional exhibition and portfolio standards. Screens and printers are calibrated regularly to match a variety of papers on offer. Our knowledgeable technical team, who are photography professionals, are able to assist students and provide personal one-on-one advice.

Professional Printers

  • EPSON 4880 prints up to 420 mm
  • EPSON 7880 prints up to 600 mm
  • EPSON 9880 prints up to 1000 mm
  • Self-service plotters
  • Photocopy machines
  • Cross -department  resources: 3D, screenprinting, riso printers, fabric digital printers and laser cutters 

Standard Papers

  • Photo Stain
  • Photo Matte
  • Photo Gloss

Specialist & Fine Art Papers

  • Photo Metallic
  • Smooth Cotton Rag
  • Textured Cotton Rag
  • Photo Warmtone
  • High quality Acetate
  • Photo Backlit
  • Phototex
  • Canvas
  • Vinyl

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